Course Enrolments in Previous Years / Waitlisted Courses

Waitlisted Courses

Waitlisted Courses, after lottery and before opening for Add/Drop in July 2022-2023.

Note: The numbers in parentheses indicate the waiting lists at the beginning of the relevant course change periods.

If a course does not show up on this page it means there has not been a waitlist for at least the past four years. 

Rev: July 2023

Waitlisted Courses

CourseInstructorMax EnrolWaitlisted 2019-2020Waitlisted 2020-2021Waitlisted 2021-2022Waitlisted 2022-2023
Aboriginal Law and PolicyBryce Edwards
David Walders
15(10) (13)(6)(11)
Aboriginal Law PracticumKerry Wilkins8(1)  (2)
Administrative Law (Fall) 72Stacey (17)Macklin (13)Prado (15)Green (21)
Administrative Law (Spring) 72Stacey (13)Prado (2)Green (26)Stacey (26)
Prado (16)
Advanced ContractsGeoff Hall42 (22) (16)
Anti-Corruption LawMariana Mota Prado,
Sabrina Bandali
20  (1)(4)
Arbitration and Alternative Dispute ResolutionAbdi Aidid25   (19)
Art of the DealGesta Abols
Robert Vaux
 20 (22) (26)
Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawAndrew Kent,
Tushara Weerasooriya
60 Rathbone (15)Ben-Ishai (11)(25)
Business OrganizationsJeffrey MacIntosh75(34)   
Business OrganizationsEdward Iacobucci60   (27)
Business OrganizationsMohammad Fadel80(6)(5) (10)
Canadian Income TaxBenjamin Alarie80 (10) (12)
Canadian Migration LawMichael Battista25 (20) (14)
Children, Youth and the LawCheryl Milne20 (5) (14)
Civil LawCatherine Valcke37 (7) (12)
Class Actions Law and PracticeMichael Rosenberg, Michael Eizenga,
Ranjan Agarwal
50 (35) (26)
Climate Change LawJutta Brunnee,
Andrew Green
35   (2) 
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Advocates for Injured WorkersFaculty Advisor,
Ivana Petricone
8 (2)  
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Appellate Criminal LitigationGerald ChanMark Halfyard, Nader Hasan, Colleen McKeown4 (2)  
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Barbra Schlifer ClinicFaculty Advisor,
Deepa Mattoo
4 (2) (1)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - City of Toronto: Municipal Government LawyeringFred Fisher,
Cory Lynch
10   (7)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Health Justice Program Clinical PlacementTrudo Lemmens, Rami Shoucri, Jennifer Stone1 (2) (3)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Innocence CanadaGurvir Gill
Bhavan Sodhi
4 (4) (1)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - John Howard Society of Ontario (JHSO)Faculty Advisor, Safiyah Husein, Aileen Simon1   (2)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Mergers & Acquisitions LitigationAndrew Gray, James C. Tory, Naizam Kanji, John Emanoilidis8   (5)
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Municipal Government LawyeringDiana Dimmer10 (6)  
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Not-for-Profit Board Governance ClinicFaculty Advisor,
Beatrix Dart
10 (2)  
Clinical Legal Education: Externship - Structural Genomics ConsortiumSimon Stern, Max Morgan Arij Al Chawaf, Andrew Moeser, Zarya Cynader Aled Edwards4   (2)
Clinical Legal Education: Employment Law Clinic – Downtown Legal Services Part-time ProgramPrasanna Balasundaram
Jennifer Fehr 
 (5) (1)
Clinical Legal Education: Housing Law Clinic – Downtown Legal ServicesPrasanna Balasundaram
Benjamin Ries
8 (2) (1)
Community Planning: Problems in Urban Policy and Land Use RegulationArnold Weinrib25   (10)
Comparative Constitutional LawDavid Schneiderman 20  (8) 
Comparative ContractsCatherine Valcke 45  (13)(14)
Competition Law and Intellectual PropertyAriel Katz25(4)   
Competition PolicyAnthony Niblett40(10) (14)Iacobucci (8)
Constitutional Law of the United StatesDavid Schneiderman50   (14)
Contested Corporate Transactions - Mergers and AcquisitionsJeremy Fraiberg30  (10) (23)
Corporate TransactionsCameron Rusaw22(3) (22) 
Crime & PunishmentNader Hasan25(14)(19)(18)(28)
Criminal ProcedureBreese Davies
Gerald Chan
35  (16)(15)
Critical Race Theory and the LawNancy Simms20 (11) (10)
Democracy, Politics, and the LawYasmin Dawood25(27)   
Digital Content and the Innovative EconomyAaron Sawchuk25 (16)  
Economic TortsAnthony Alexander, Brandon Kain,
Ronald Podolny
Entertainment LawDavid Zitzerman 25(16) (33) 
Environmental LawAndrew Green30(5)  (15)
Evidence LawMalcolm Thorburn70   (11)
Evidence LawMartha Shaffer80(18)(7)(3)(30)
Family LawBrenda Cossman77   (22)
Family LawAaron Franks, 
Tami Moscoe
75   (5)
Finance, Business and Accounting in the LawMichael Dobner25(21)   
Financial Crimes and Corporate ComplianceKenneth Jull41(21)(29) (12)
Fish, Forests and Fuel: Natural Resources Law in CanadaAndrew Green30 (21)  
Foundations of Legal TheoryKerry Rittich20(2) (4)(4) 
Freedom of Expression and PressDavid Lepofsky12(21)   
Governance of Artificial IntelligenceGillian Hadfield25 (11)(8)(23)
Health Law and BioethicsTrudo Lemmens30(9) (23)(11)
Indigenous Peoples and the Constitution of CanadaKerry Wilkins40   (4)
International Commercial and Investor-State ArbitrationMatthew Kronby
Paul Michell
John Terry
25 (11) (3)
International Environmental LawJutta Brunnée40   (16)
International Human Rights LawAnna Su29   (12)
International TaxationAmanda Heale,
Drew Morier
 30(11)(5)  (5)
International Trade RegulationMichael Trebilcock40(18)(18)  
Introduction to Animals and the LawAngela Fernandez25(2)   
Introduction to Cybersecurity LawImran Ahmad, 
Juan Casteneda, 
Ruth Promislow, 
Daanish Samadmoten
20   (11)
Introduction to IP LawAriel Katz 65  (5) 
Law and FilmBrenda Cossman 50  (2)(28)
Law and LiteratureSimon Stern23   (3)
Law and Policy of BiotechologyRichard Owens,
Harvey Schipper
25(2) (2) 
Law and PsycheAbraham Drassinower22   (17)
Law of International Business & Finance TransactionsMohammad Fadel40   (11)
Law, Institutions and DevelopmentMariana Mota Prado
Michael Trebilcock
50  (2)(7)
Law, Religion, and DemocracyAnna Su20(3)   
Legal Ethics (Fall)Lorne Sossin,
Moya Teklu
50(32)(35) (23)
Legal Ethics (Fall)Albert Yoon50 (15) (18)
Legal Ethics (spring)Markus Dubber
Edward Morgan
Legal Ethics (spring)Michael Code 
Breese Davies
Jennifer Trehearne
Looking Ahead: The Blurred Lines of Technology, Body and MindBenjamin Alarie
Daniel Debow
MediationJonathan Jacobs16(40)(47) (7)
Mental Health and the LawTrudo Lemmens          30(5) (19)(22)
NegotiationJason Stitt
Mark Lawrence
30(31)(33) (18)
NegotiationJonathan Jacobs30(28)(32)(28)(39)
New Technologies and International LawAnna Su, Dafna Dror-Shpoliansky20   (28)
Patent and Trade Secrets LawDonald Cameron,
R. Scott MacKendrick
36   (10) 
Persons and BodiesAbraham Drassinower
Chris Essert
25   (17)
Perspectives on Civil Litigation, Procedure and ProfessionalismSusan Heakes26(15) (12) 
Private International LawAnver Emon56   (12)
Privacy ProblemsLisa Austin20(15) (16) 
Public Health Law in Canada: The Role of the State, Law and Human RightsJonathan Glenn Betteridge,
Robin Nobleman
26   (15)
Public International LawJutta Brunnee55(9) Knop (7)Akhavan (20)
Real Estate LawDavid Carter65(8) (13) 
Refugee LawWarda Shazadi Meighen25(5)(8) (22)
Religion and the Liberal State: The Case of IslamMohammad Fadel25   (3)
Secured TransactionsMichael Burke
Mark Selick
85 (13)(3)(1)
Securities Litigation: The Public and Private Enforcement of Securities LawRonald Podolny, Douglas Worndl, Johanna Superina, Naizam Kanji20(8) (4) 
Securities RegulationGlen Johnson78 (21)(1)(6)
Sentencing and Penal PolicyKimberley Crosbie
Faisal Mirza
22 (12)(12)(14)
Sovereignty, Referendum, and the Will of the People in Canada andRichard Stacey23   (6)
The Administrative State in PracticeBrendan van Niejenhuis, Andrea Gonsalves20   (6)
The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Academic ResearchAlbert Yoon18 (4) (5)
The Law and the PsycheAbraham Drassinower15  (3)(5)
The Law of WorkJohn Craig70   (3)
Topics in Contract Law and Contract TheoryPeter Benson30   (11)(24)
Tort Law in PracticeAlexi Wood25   (3)(28)
Trial AdvocacyGraham Glancy
Julie Hannaford
TrustsLarissa Katz78 (10)(2)(11)
Women's Rights in Transnational PerspectiveRebecca Cook20(11)   
Workshop: Critical Analysis of LawBrenda Cossman,
Kerry Rittich
25   (3)
Workshop: Innovation Law and PolicySimon Stern25   (1)
Workshop: Legal HistoryJim Phillips20   (2)
Workshop: Tax Law and PolicyBenjamin Alarie16   (3)
Wrongful ConvictionsKent Roach30 (25) (16)