Intensive Courses

Distinguished Visitors Program

About Intensive Courses

Each year, the faculty invites distinguished outstanding academics from around the world to visit and teach at the Faculty.

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to study with one or more outstanding visiting international scholars.

How Long are the Intensive Courses?

Each intensive course is 14 hours in total duration. Students may enroll in two intensive courses in each term, provided they are offered at different times. We attempt to schedule the courses so that conflicts with regular courses are as minimal as possible. Students may also enroll in a conflicted intensive course as an exception to the general rule that students may not take courses which conflict on the timetable. There are special drop/add dates for intensive courses which must be observed, however, mandatory attendance is required for the full duration of the course.

Attendance at intensive courses is mandatory and takes precedence over regular courses.

Please see the Course Listings for details about individual courses being offered this year.

Intensive Courses Schedule (main Faculty of Law site)