Attendance is mandatory.  Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis.  This program requirement applies to all law school courses; individual courses may have more specific attendance policies, which must be followed.  Students should not accept significant outside obligations during the academic term. 

Students who are absent for more than two weeks due to illness or personal circumstances should inform the Assistant Dean, J.D. Program as soon as possible.  While it is usually possible to accommodate an absence of three weeks or less, missing more than twenty-five percent of a course is presumptively reason to withdraw a student from that course. 

When students miss more than three weeks of course time, the administration can cancel their registration due to inadequate attendance.  Faculty members who deem attendance to be inadequate can exclude students from sitting for an exam or submitting papers in their courses.

The Faculty of Law makes accommodations for religious holidays. See "Religious Holidays" under Faculty of Law Policies.