Cancellation and Rescheduling of Classes

In order to meet the required number of class room hours under Law Society of Ontario rules, the Faculty sometimes designates a “deemed Friday,” on which the entire course schedule for a different day of the week is put in place.  For example, because Thanksgiving falls on a Monday, we frequently identify a Friday during the term and follow the Monday schedule on that day.  These days are scheduled well in advance, and appear in the sessional dates.

In addition to these globally rescheduled days of the week, individual instructors may find it necessary to cancel classes during the academic year. It is expected that instructors will inform their students directly of any planned cancellations.

Illness or unexpected commitments may make it necessary to cancel a class without advance notice.  In this instance:

  • A message should be sent to the class.
  • Faculty should arrange with their assistants to have notices posted on the classroom door, showing the date of the class cancelled.
  • Adjunct Faculty should contact the Receptionist at 978-0210 to inform students of unexpected cancellation of classes.

 Cancellation due to Bad Weather

In the event of class cancellation due to bad weather, instructors will be contacted by the Assistant Dean's office and notices will be posted at the law school and sent out on the listserv.

It is left to the discretion of the individual instructor as to whether or not cancelled classes should be rescheduled.

Rescheduling Classes

  • Instructors must contact to arrange a rescheduled class and to book a room.
  • Rescheduled classes are frequently scheduled on Fridays to avoid conflicts with other classes.
  • No classes may be rescheduled during Reading Weeks, during the last week of either term, or after the last day of classes.
  • Only in special circumstances are classes held between 12:30 and 2:00 p.m. as these times are reserved for Workshops and student activities.
  • In some small seminars, instructors may find another time which is convenient to all the students in the course. However, an instructor may not reschedule a class in an unusual time if any of the students have a course conflict.
  • Classes will not be rescheduled for extra curricular events.