Academic Counselling & Registration

The Assistant Dean, J.D. Program can help students with a wide range of issues, including: interpreting degree requirements, codes of behaviour and conduct, understanding Faculty policies and appeal processes, paper extensions, and examination accommodation. Students may also seek guidance about troubling academic or personal problems and other issues concerning the student experience at the Faculty.

For example, the Assistant Dean, J.D. Program can recommend:

Please visit Health and Well-Being for more resources.

Registration Accommodations

Students may find that circumstances arise that make it difficult to succeed or continue in the JD Program, whether in the full or half-time program. 

The Assistant Dean, J.D. Program is available to meet with students to discuss ways we may be able to create some flexibility in the program to accommodate particular circumstances. Options may include switching to the Half-Time Program, taking a leave of absence, obtaining a letter of permission to study at another law school for a year, etc.

Personal circumstances accommodated in the past have included pregnancy and childbirth, adoption, parenting issues, family/partner illness, death in the family, and student mental/physical illness.

Students should note that accommodations will normally not be granted in circumstances involving student choices (e.g. holiday plans, wedding dates, extra-curricular activities, etc.)

The Faculty of Law reserves the right to make final decisions regarding what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances.