Student Course Proposals

The upper-year curriculum takes shape through an interactive process involving the law school's needs, the full-time faculty's teaching preferences, and the availability of distinguished visitors and a pool of adjunct faculty. Our goal is to provide a coherent, engaging and diverse set of course offerings from which students may select their courses. Our curriculum should be attentive to both the core elements of legal education and to innovative approaches which re-examine and challenge those elements. We also welcome courses which push the frontiers of legal education.

The Faculty has long welcomed the practice of student-led course proposals. This has occurred typically on an ad-hoc basis, initiated by a student or group of students communicating through the Assistant Dean, Academic; the Associate Dean or the Dean. Many students do not know such an option is available, or the most effective form in which such proposals should be submitted, or when the optimal time might be for the submission of a proposal to take place.  Occasionally, a course will be developed in this fashion but then not offered for lack of enrollment.

In order to attract a range of student input on potential new courses, and to ensure such input is in a consistent form and at an appropriate time, it is helpful to have a process which is better understood for soliciting student course proposals.  If you have a serious course suggestion, please complete the form (available on the Forms page) developed by the SLS in consultation with the Associate Dean.

Please note that this proposal does not guarantee that a particular course will be offered. The Associate Dean is responsible for the curriculum and will consider all proposals for the 2019-2020 academic year received by December 3, 2018.

Submit the completed form to: Associate Dean, c/o the Main Reception in Jackman Law Building.