Courses Offered in Alternate Years

Revised: July 2023

Note: The Faculty of Law cannot guarantee that every course listed below will be offered in a future year.

The courses below may be offered again in 2023-2024.

Alternate Year Courses offered in 2023-2024
 Course TitleInstructor(s)
Advanced Family Law: Resolving the Family Law Case (LAW329)Stephen Codas / Susanne Goodman
Corporate Transactions (LAW530)Cameron Rusaw / Mathieu Taschereau
Economic Torts (LAW481)Anthony Alexander / Brandon Kain / Ronald Podolny
Entertainment Law (LAW255)David Zitzerman
Finance, Business and Accounting in the Law (LAW250)Michael Dobner
Freedom of Expression and Press (LAW346)David Lepofsky
From Blueprints to Buildings: Legal Issues in the Construction Industry (LAW306)Duncan Glaholt / Michael Valo
Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing and Cybersecurity in the Innovative Economy (LAW450)Aaron Sawchuk
Law and Policy of of Biotechnology (LAW581)Maxwell Morgan / Harvey Schipper
Patent and Trade Secrets Law (LAW332)R. Scott MacKendrick / Melanie Szweras
Perspectives on Civil Litigation, Procedure and Professionalism (LAW302)Susan Heakes / Josh Nisker
Real Estate Law (LAW275)David Carter
Securities Litigation: The Public and Private Enforcement of Securities Law (LAW231)Douglas Worndl / Naizam Kanji / Ronald Podolny / Johanna Superina 
Wills and Estate PlanningDavid A.S. Mills


Alternate Year Courses NOT offered in 2023-2024
 Course TitleInstructor(s)
Advanced Contracts: The Law of Contractual Interpretation (LAW317)Geoff Hall
Art of the Deal (LAW300)Gesta Abols / Robert Vaux
Canadian Migration Law (LAW456)Michael Battista
Children, Youth and the Law (LAW488)Cheryl Milne
Class Actions Law and Practice (LAW401)Michael Eizenga / Celeste Poltak / Michael Rosenberg
Contested Corporate Transactions - Mergers and Acquisitions (LAW326)Jeremy Fraiberg
International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration (LAW513)Matthew Kronby / Paul Michell / 
John Terry
Introduction to Cybersecurity Law (LAW547)Juan Castaneda / Imran Ahmad /
Ruth Promislow / Daanish Samadmoten
Law and Policy of Public-Private Partnerships (LAW320)Chris Bennett / Julie Han / Ahsan Mirza / Timothy Murphy
Public Health Law in Canada: The Role of the State, Law and Human Rights (LAW388)Jonathan Glenn Betteridge /
Robin Nobleman
Refugee Law (LAW532)Alan S. Diner / Warda Shazadi Meighen
The Administrative State in Practice (LAW210)Brendan van Niejenhuis /
Andrea Gonsalves