Courses Offered in Alternate Years

Note: The Faculty of Law cannot guarantee that every course listed below will be offered in a future year.

The courses below may be offered again in 2021-2022.

Alternate Year Courses NOT offered in 2020-2021
 Course TitleInstructor(s)
Advanced Advocacy: Problems and Techniques (LAW451)Sandra Forbes
Advanced Family Law: Resolving the Family Law Case (LAW329)Kenneth Cole / Susanne Goodman
Advanced Torts (LAW206)Alexi Wood
Corporate Transactions (LAW530)Cameron Rusaw
Economic Torts (LAW481)Anthony Alexander / Brandon Kain / Ronald Podolny
Entertainment Law (LAW255)David Zitzerman
Finance, Business and Accounting in the Law (LAW250)Michael Dobner
Freedom of Expression and Press (LAW346)David Lepofsky
Law and Policy of of Biotechnology (LAW581)Richard Owens / Harvey Schipper
Patent and Trade Secrets Law (LAW332)Donald Cameron / R. Scott MacKendrick
Perspectives on Civil Litigation, Procedure and Professionalism (LAW302)Susan Heakes
Real Estate Law (LAW275)Craig Carter / David Carter
Securities Litigation: The Public and Private Enforcement of Securities Law (LAW231)Ronald Podolny, Douglas Worndl, Johanna Superina, Naizam Kanji
The International Context of Canadian Energy Policy (LAW356)George Vegh


Alternate Year Courses offered in 2020-2021
 Course TitleInstructor(s)
Advanced Contracts: The Law of Contractual Interpretation (LAW317)Geoff Hall
Art of the Deal (LAW300)Gesta Abols / Robert Vaux
Canadian Migration Law (LAW456)Michael Battista
Children, Youth and the Law (LAW488)Cheryl Milne
Class Actions Law and Practice (LAW401)Ranjan Agarwal, Michael Eizenga, Michael Rosenberg
Contested Corporate Transactions - Mergers and Acquisitions (LAW326)Jeremy Fraiberg
Digital Content and the Innovative Economy (LAW450)Aaron Sawchuk
International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration (LAW513)Matthew Kronby / Paul Michell /
John Terry
Law and Policy of Public-Private Partnerships (LAW320)Chris Bennett / Timothy Murphy
Public Health Law in Canada: The Role of the State, Law and Human Rights (LAW388)Jonathan Glenn Betteridge / Robin Nobleman
Refugee Law (LAW532)Warda Shazadi Meighen
Sports Law (LAW256)David Goldstein / Gordon Kirke
Wills and Estate Planning (LAW340)Karon Bales / Jessica Feldman