Courses Offered in Alternate Years

Note: The Faculty of Law cannot guarantee that every course listed below will be offered in a future year.

The courses below may be offered again in 2018-2019.

Alternate Year Courses NOT offered in 2017-2018

 Course Title


Admiralty Law (LAW203)

Marc Isaacs

Advanced Labour: Bargaining Rights (LAW204)

John Craig / Tim Gleason

Digital Content and the Innovative Economy

Richard Owens / Aaron Sawchuk

Litigation and Social Change (LAW316)

Peter Rosenthal

Private Pensions, Public Responsibilities: Law and Regulation of the Canadian Pension System (LAW390)

Mitch Frazer / Ari Kaplan

Telecommunications and Internet Law (LAW223)

Jonathan Daniels / Peter Ruby 

The Supreme Court of Canada: The Search for Justice (LAW227)

Guy Pratte


Alternate Year Courses offered in 2017-2018

 Course Title


Advanced Family Law: Resolving the Family Law Case (LAW329)

Kenneth Cole / Susanne Goodman

Economic Torts (LAW481)

Anthony Alexander / Brandon Kain/
Ronald Podolny

Education Law (LAW303)

Eric Roher

From Blueprints to Buildings: Legal Issues in the Construction Industry (LAW306)

Duncan Glaholt

Introduction to Animals and the Law (LAW253)

Lesli Bisgould

Law and Policy of Public-Private Partnerships (LAW320)

Chris Bennett / Timothy Murphy

Mentally Disordered Accused (LAW336)

Hy Bloom / Richard Schneider

Perspectives on Civil Litigation, Procedure and Professionalism (LAW302)

Susan Heakes / Ian Godfrey

Public Sector Labour Law (LAW260)

Richard Blair / Tim Hadwen