SUYRP Courses

Rev: July, 2024

Supervised Upper Year Research Paper ("SUYRP") Courses

Course Name

Course Code


Aboriginal Law PracticumLAW377H1Kerry Wilkins
Advanced Constitutional Law: Security and Remedial IssuesLAW541H1Kent Roach
John Norris
Advanced Private Law: Categories and ConceptsLAW230H1Stephen Waddams
Animals and the LawLAW253H1Angela Fernandez
Canadian Legal HistoryLAW576H1Jim Phillips
Citizenship, Immigration and GlobalizationLAW262H1Ayelet Shachar
Citizenship: Inside and Out LAW261H1Karen Knop
Audrey Macklin
Clinical Legal Education: Downtown Legal Services - Full-Time ProgramLAW402H1Prasanna Balasundaram
Community Planning: Problems in Urban Policy and Land Use Registration LAW224H1Arnold Weinrib
Comparative Law TheoryLAW458H1Catherine Valcke
Competition Law and Intellectual PropertyLAW579H1Ariel Katz
Constitutional Rights in Comparative PerspectiveLAW544H1Lorraine Weinrib
Current Problems in Contract LawLAW543H1Stephen Waddams
Geoff Hall
Discerning Law in the Fur TradeLAW475H1Douglas Sanderson
Discrimination Law: Charter/Code ComparisonsLAW410H1Denise Réaume
Economic and Social RegulationLAW330H1Michael Trebilcock
Environmental Law LAW239H1Andrew Green
Fish, Forests and Fuel: Natural Resources Law in CanadaLAW357H1Andrew Green
Gender Equality in Transnational Legal PerspectiveLAW301H1Rebecca Cook
Health Law and BioethicsLAW267H1Trudo Lemmens
Hegel's Legal PhilosophyLAW215H1Alan Brudner
History and Theory of the Common LawLAW540H1Angela Fernandez/ Lisa Austin
History of the Common LawLAW539H1Simon Stern
Human Rights and Global JusticeLAW234H1Patrick Macklem
Indigenous Law in Context: IntensiveLAW710H1John Borrows
Indigenous Legal Traditions and the Imperial ResponseLAW274H1Douglas Sanderson
International Environmental LawLAW225H1Jutta Brunnée
International Human Rights LawLAW294H1Anna Su
International Trade RegulationLAW285H1Matthew Kronby/Michael Trebilcock
Introduction to Islamic LawLAW361H1Anver Emon
John Rawl's Theory of Justice: An IntroductionLAW314H1Peter Benson
Law and FilmLAW217H1Brenda Cossman
Law and LiteratureLAW355H1Simon Stern
Law and MulticulturalismLAW382H1Ayelet Shachar
Law and PsycheLAW536H1Abraham Drassinower
Law, Institutions and DevelopmentLAW243H1Mariana Mota Prado
Law, Religion, and DemocracyLAW279H1Anna Su
Legal Archaeology: Studies in Cases in Context LAW214H1Angela Fernandez
Mental Health and the LawLAW266H1Trudo Lemmens
New Technologies and International LawLAW297H1Anna Su
Persons and BodiesLAW339H1Abraham Drassinower
Perspectives on LawLAW219H1Markus Dubber
Pharmaceutical Law and GovernanceLAW387H1Trudo Lemmens
Principle and Policy in Contract LawLAW220H1Stephen Waddams
Privacy ProblemsLAW545H1Lisa Austin/David Lie
Religion and the Liberal State: The Case of IslamLAW321H1Mohammad Fadel
Sanctity of Contracts in a Secular AgeLAW546H1Stephen Waddams
Sovereignty, Referendum, and the Will of the People in Canada and the WorldLAW259H1Richard Stacey
Ten Cases that Changed the WorldLAW405H1Mayo Moran
Theory of the Private Law: Selected Topics and TextsLAW368H1Peter Benson
Topics in Contract Law and Contract TheoryLAW226H1Peter Benson
Women's Rights in Transnational PerspectiveLAW301H1Rebecca Cook
Wrongful ConvictionsLAW542H1Kent Roach