Course Selection for Incoming Exchange Students

Incoming Exchange Students please note the following restrictions regarding course selection:

  • You are permitted to prioritize one course with the letter 'C'
  • A limited number of exchange students may take Business Organizations and International Trade Regulation (spots will be allocated by lottery).
  • Exchange Students may not register for the following limited enrolment courses:
    • Advanced Legal Research, Analysis and Writing
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Legal Environment
    • Art of the Deal, Capstone Courses
    • Clinic Work for Credit
    • Corporate Transactions 
    • International Human Rights Clinic 
    • Legal Process, Professionalism and Ethics
    • Negotiation
    • Trial Advocacy 
  • Exchange students may not register for first-year courses (Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Contracts Law, Criminal law, Legal Process, Property Law and Torts).
  • Exchange students are not permitted to Moot or do Clinic Work.
  • Exchange students must fulfil the credit requirements of their home institution. However, exchange students may not take more than 16 credits per term, and a maximum of 32 credits for the year. Exceptions are permitted only with permission from your home institution.