Classroom Names and Codes

Classes are held in both Jackman Hall and Falconer Hall. The rooms are identified by number or letter as follows:

Classroom Names and Codes: Jackman Law Building
Room Code
Room Name
Room Size
Jacob Bennett Classroom Wing
P105 75 seats
P115 75 seats
P120Bennett Lecture Hall110 seats
McCarthy Tétrault LLP Classroom Wing
J140Professor A.V. Dicey Classroom110 seats
J125Dentons Canada LLP Classroom50 seats
J130Davies Ward Philips & Vineberg LLP Classroom50 seats
Level 02 Classrooms
J250Rosalie Silberman Abella Moot Court Room210 seats
J225Gilbert's LLP Classroom25 seats
J230Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Classroom25 seats


Classroom Names and Codes: Falconer Hall
Room Code
Room Name
Room Size
FA 1 19 seats
FA 2Solarium44 seats
FA 3 22 seats
FA4 10-12 seats