Course Selection Procedure

Overview of Process

Course selection for JD students has three stages:

  1. Pre-lottery course review and selection,  

  2. Post-submission lottery results view, and

  3. Post lottery add/drop period.  Lasts until the add/drop deadline.

Please see the Deadline Dates page for the specific deadlines for each of these stages for the current year.

The early pre-lottery course selection provides students with an opportunity to review the upcoming academic year's course offerings.  Later, after the view-only period, students can list their course preferences.  Students must stay within the credit minimum- and maximum limits.  This means full time students must list 13-16 credits in each term and a total of 28-32 credits each academic year.   Students may not enrol in courses for which they do not have a listed pre-requisite.

Students indicate their course preferences by assigning a priority letter to the courses they most wish to take.  Second year students should assign a B to their first choice and a C to their second choice.  Third year students can assign a B and a C, and also an A. 

After the lottery is run, there is a 24-hour period to review course selection results.  The next day the add/drop period will begin.

If you have questions, please contact:

  • The Records Office at (416) 978-0212 or by email at or 
  • Sara Faherty at (416) 946-7446 or by email at sara.faherty@utoronto.caNote: JD students must have a email address in order to use this system.

 It is important that students continue to check their e-mail over the course of the summer for important information regarding course selection. Please DO NOT forward your utoronto e-mail address to any other domain because you may not receive Faculty of Law listserv messages.

Important Links
Deadline Dates
Priority Letters
Course Enrolment in Previous Years

Please read the following information carefully before selecting your courses.

  • Instructions for selecting courses 
  • What the program looks like
  • Course selection - rules
  • Adding and dropping courses
  • Terminology and Course Numbers
  • Forms

Instructions for Selecting Courses

1) Pre-lottery Course Selection

Note - Read carefully: This program allows students to make preliminary course choices using priority letters. Students have only ONE opportunity to submit a selection. Once a submission is made, students are locked out of the course selection system until the lottery is run. Therefore, students must not click the Submit button until they are ready to make a FINAL submission. A final submission must be made prior to the pre-lottery course selection deadline date.

  • Sign-on to e.Legal (this link will open in a new window). 
  • If this is the first time a student has viewed on course selection, the student must visit MyProfile to make sure that his or her email address is accurate. If it is not, the student will not be able to use this online course selection system. (Please see: for UTORid Information).
  • Click on Course Listings
  • To select a course, click on the course name. To attach a Priority letter (see explanation below), place the appropriate letter in the box labeled "Priority Letter". Once in the course, the student may click on 'Add to my courses'
  • Students should select courses until they have chosen a full credit load for the academic year. The system automatically saves each time a student makes a change. Students may change their courses as often as they wish, provided they have not submitted their course selection. 
  • At any time, students may click on MyCourses to see what they have selected. If a student leaves MyCourses before making a final submission, the system will automatically save the selection. This allows students to return to finalize their initial course selection at a later date.
  • Students can click on MySchedule to see if they have any conflicts in their timetable schedule or exam schedule. The system will not permit students to submit any courses which conflict or overlap on the timetable or the exam schedule; or if there is a pre-requisite/co-requisite that they have not met/are not enrolled in; or the number of credits is incorrect
  • Students may sign-out of the system at any time. Their course selections will have been saved, and will be available the next time they sign-in. Students may continue to make changes until their final submission.
  • Once students have selected their courses for the entire academic year and are satisfied that they have met all requirements, they must press the Submit button in MyCourses
  • Students will be prompted with the following reminder: "You will not have a chance to change your course selection until after the lottery . Are you sure that you want to submit this selection for the lottery ?" 
  • If students press Yes, their course selection will be accepted. 
  • If students press No, they will be returned to MyCourses and may continue to change their choices until they are ready to submit. 
  • Students who miss the deadline for course selection or fail to submit their course selection, will not be able to select their courses until the system is reactivated after the lottery has been run.

2) Post-lottery course viewing - 24 hours

The course selection system will be closed in order to run the lottery . Students will be placed into courses based on priority letter assignments in MyCourses.  After the lottery is completed, students may view the courses for which they have been confirmed and/or waitlisted. The viewing period is for one day. 

Students who have been admitted into a course, will see "Confirmed" in the status box for that course. Students who are waitlisted for a course, will see "Waitlisted, (followed by a number)". The number will indicate what number the student is on the waitlist.

3)  Post-lottery course selection

  • Once the course selection is re-opened, spots in courses will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Every time students make a post-lottery change to MyCourses, they must submit their courses by clicking the Submit Course(s) button.
  • To find out whether a  course has space, go to the Course Listings and see the Status Box for that course. If a course has space, the status box will state "Open, (followed by a number)". That number will indicate the number of spots remaining in that course. 
  • If a course has a waitlist, the status box will state "Waitlist, (followed by a number)". The number will indicate the number of students on that course's waitlist. 
  • The maximum enrolment for each course is in the Course Listings section. 
  • Due to the lag time between selection and the processing of requests, the listing could indicate that their are 5 open spots; however, 10 students may be signing up for those spots at any given time. The spots are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 
  • When a student in a full course drops the course,  e-mail is sent immediately to the first student on the a waitlist at his or her address and MyMailbox notifying him or her that a waitlisted spot is available. The message will read: Temporarily confirmed and the course name. Students have 48 hours from the time the notification is sent to claim the spot. The spot is claimed by clicking Submit on the course. If not claimed, the spot will automatically be given to the next student on the waitlist. Note: It is student's responsibility to check their MyMailbox regularly when they are waitlisted for a course in order to avoid disappointment. 
  • When adjusting courses, student should not delete a course with a waitlist in which they are confirmed.  A student who deletes a course with a wait list and re-adds will be added to the bottom of the waiting list.
  • Waitlist Courtesy to others: Students may keep their names on any course waitlist until the end of the add/drop period. However, in fairness to others lower down on the waitlist, please delete the course from your schedule as soon as you are sure that you no longer want the course.

What the Program Looks Like

Log on to E.Legal

The following folder (also available on the left navigation bar) will appear:

My Folder

MyCoursesShows the courses that student has selected, separated by term
MyScheduleShows the schedule for student's course selection and the dates of corresponding exams. This schedule does not always show intensive course schedules.
MyProfileShows student's personal profile as downloaded from ROSI. Students must make sure their profile information is accurate, as it will be used by the Faculty and the University. Students can update their personal information on  ROSI at:
Course ListingsThis is the most up-to- date list of courses offered by the Faculty. These courses are separated into a First Term list and a Second Term list. Students can view these courses within each term, alphabetically, and by credit weight.

Course Selection - Rules

  • Students cannot exceed the total letters allowed per year as set out in the Priority Letters page. I.e. second year students may only use letters B and C only once each.   Third year students may use letters A, B, and C only once each.  Do not letter every course.
  • Students may not choose courses that take place at the same time or overlap on the time table. 
  • Students may not choose courses that have exams scheduled at the same time. 
  • Students cannot take a course for which they do not have the pre- or co-requisite.
  • Full-time JD students must take a minimum of 13 credits and a maximum of 16 credits per term; and a minimum of 28 credits and a maximum of 32 credits per academic year. 
  • Students applying for clinics that have an application process must register for that clinic after they have been accepted.  Adhere to the individual application of that clinic, or use the course selection final submission deadline.
  • Half-Time JD students must take a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 8 credits per term; and a minimum of 14 credits and a maximum of 16 credits per academic year for a minimum of 28 credits and a maximum of 32 credits per program year.
  • Combined Program Students, Incoming Exchange Students, and Letter of Permission students are exempt from the minimum  course load requirements. Please see the guidelines that pertain to your program.
  • Please note that Letter of Permission and Incoming Exchange students are not permitted to Moot or do Clinic Work.
  • Students must choose courses for the entire academic year. You must choose courses for both terms if you are here for both terms.
  • In consideration of other students, students waitlisted in a course that they have no intention of taking must drop the course well before the add/drop date. 

Adding and Dropping Courses

Students are given an opportunity to make changes to their programs of study during the Add/Drop period at the beginning of each term. See Deadline Dates for specific dates. The drop/add dates apply to the designation or deletion of the Supervised Upper Year Research Paper, Directed Research, Clinic credit, Journal credit as well as courses.

During the add/drop period, many students attend a number of classes in order to get a sense of the courses. Students who are wait-listed for a course often attend these classes in order to keep up with the material. In some courses attendance for waitlisted students is mandatory - see course descriptions.

Permission to add or drop courses from your program after the dates listed on the Sessional Dates must be obtained from the Assistant Dean, J.D. Program.

Intensive Courses: The deadline for dropping or adding the intensive courses is 10:00 a.m. on the third lecture day of the course.

 Terminology and Course Numbers

Faculty of Law Courses

Every course and seminar at the Faculty of Law has a 3-digit number followed by a term designation.

e.g. Administrative Law (LAW202F)

The last character designates the term, ie. "F"=first term; "S"=second term; "Y"=full year

Centre of CriminologyCourses offered at the Centre of Criminology have a 4-digit number with the prefix "CRI".
Other Faculties

Courses in other Faculties which are cross-listed retain the number used in that Faculty or have a joint number.

e.g. Roman Law (CLA 336Y) or Constitutional Theory (JPJ 2028).

Osgoode Hall Law SchoolCourses offered at Osgoode Hall Law School have a 3-digit number with the prefix "OSG" followed by a term designation.
Courses with multiple sectionsCourses offered in more than one section are differentiated by the name of the instructor
Class hoursThe actual instruction time per week.
Enrollment numbersThe maximum enrollment for each course or seminar.
WaitlistedOnce a course reaches the maximum enrolment, students are placed on a waitlist. As students adjust their courses (adding and dropping) this opens a spot in the full course. The first student on the waitlist is automatically (message sent to your utoronto e-mail and MyMailbox) offered the spot. Students have 48 hours from the time the message is sent to accept or decline the spot. If a student does not accept the spot, (i.e., does not submit the course in e-community), he or she will automatically be dropped from the course and the spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. Note:students who delete a waitlisted course in which they are confirmed must re-add the course and will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.
Conditional enrolmentSome clinics, externships, journals and moots are conditional enroll courses. These courses require an application or approval prior to confirmation. Students who select conditional enroll courses will be waitlisted until participation is confirmed for ALL students planning to do this course. It is necessary for students to select the required number of credits for the year or term until all courses are confirmed on their course selection.
Students going away for a term (Letter of Permission, Leave of Absence and  Exchange)Students should select courses only for the term that they will be in residence at the U of T Faculty of Law


Forms are available on the Forms page. Forms must be completed for the following activities:

  • Capstone Course Form
  • Combined Course Credit Application Form
  • Directed Research Change of Credit Form
  • Directed Research Proposal Form
  • Request for One Additional Credit
  • Supervised Upper Year Research Form