Courses Requiring Pre-requisites or Co-requisites

Courses Requiring Pre-requisites or Co-requisites



Pre-requisite or Co-requisite

Aboriginal Law Practicum Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Criminal Justice
Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Law Practicum  Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law
Advanced Civil ProcedureFirst Year: Legal Process, Professionalism and Ethics; Legal Process, Professionalism and Ethics (upper year) 
Advanced Contracts: The Law of Contractual InterpretationFirst Year Contracts 
Advanced Corporate Law & Securities RegulationBusiness Organizations
Securities Regulation
Advanced Criminal Procedure and Charter IssuesCriminal Procedure OR The Constitutional Law of Criminal Procedure  
Advanced Family Law: Resolving the Family Law CaseFamily Law 
Advanced Labour: Bargaining Rights Labour and Employment Law
Advanced Topics in Labour and Employment LawLabour and Employment Law 
Art of the Deal  Business Organizations
Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law Secured Transactions 
Climate Change Law either International Environmental Law or Environmental Law
Clinical Legal Education Aboriginal Legal Services of Torontosee course descriptionExternship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education Advocates for Injured Workers Externship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education Appellate Criminal Litigation Externship  Criminal Procedure OR The Constitutional Law of Criminal Procedure;
Evidence Law;
Externship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education Asper Centre Half-Time Clinic  Advanced Constitutional Law; Constitutional Litigation
Clinical Legal Education Barbra Schlifer Clinic Externship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education City of Toronto: Municipal Government LawyeringFirst Year Administrative Law or Upper Year Administrative LawExternship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education Connect Legal Business OrganizationsExternship Seminar 
Clinical Legal Education International Human Rights Clinic see course description 
Clinical Legal Education International Human Rights Program Half-Time Clinic  International Human Rights Law; Public International Law
Clinical Legal Education M&A Litigation Externship 

Business Organizations; Securities Regulation
Co-requisite: Externship Seminar

Clinical Legal Education Pro Bono Ontario Litigation Externship Externship Seminar
Clinical Legal Education Structural Genomics Consortium Externship Recommended:
Advanced Contracts
at least one of:
Patent Law for the Life Sciences; Copyright, Trademark and Patent; Patent and Trade Secrets Law.
Co-requisite: Externship Seminar 
Competition Law and Intellectual Property Recommended:
Prior knowledge in competition law or intellectual property law.
Contested Corporate Transactions - Mergers & AcquisitionsBusiness Organizations; Securities Regulation 
Copyright Policy in the MakingOne of the following:
Copyright Law;
Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent;
Patent Law for the Life Sciences or Topics in Copyright Law and Copyright Theory
Corporate Income Tax Law Canadian Income Tax
Corporate TransactionsBusiness Organizations

Securities Regulation
Canadian Income Tax
Secured Transactions

Environmental Law Externship Externship Seminar
Ethics in the Business Law Setting Business Organizations
Externship Seminar Corequisite: One of LAW248Y, LAW315H, LAW728H, LAW565H, LAW559H or LAW396H
Insolvency Law (Research Capstone)Bankruptcy Law 
Intensive Course: Intellectual Property Rights for Computer Program Innovations  Any of: Copyright Law; Copyright, Trademark and Patent; or Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademark and Patent, or Patent and Trade Secrets.
International Courts and Tribunals Recommended: Public International Law


International Criminal Law: Genocide, Crimes against Humanity & War Crimes either International Human Rights Law or Public International Law
International Human Rights LawHighly recommended: Public International Law 
International TaxationCanadian Income Tax Law 
Labour Law Writers Workshop: Reforming Ontario Labour and Employment Law Labour and Employment Law 
Moot - Corporate Securities Competitive Program Securities Regulation OR Business Organizations
Moot - Donald G. Bowman Tax Competitive Program Canadian Income Tax
Moot - Harold G. Fox Intellectual Property Competitive Program  Copyright Law OR Copyright, Trademark and Patent
Moot - Jessup Competitive Program  Public International Law
Moot - Kawaskimhon Moot Competitive Program & Advanced Aboriginal Studies Competitive ProgramAboriginal Peoples and Canadian Law  
Moot - Laskin Competitive Program Administrative Law
Moot - Walsh Family Law Competitive Program Family Law
Moot - Warren K. Winkler Class Actions  Class Actions Law OR Class Actions Practice OR Class Actions Law and Practice
Public Sector Labour Law Labour and Employment Law
Restructuring Work and Care: Family, State and Market in Times of Crisis (Research Capstone) Restructuring Work and Care: Family, State and Market in Times of Crisis (seminar) 
Securities Regulation Business Organizations
Shareholder ActivismBusiness Organizations 
Statutes Practicum: Legislative Assembly, Standing Committee on Regulations & Private Bills Statutes and Statutory Interpretation 
Tax Disputes and Litigation  Canadian Income Tax Law
Theory of Contract LawContracts 
Trial Advocacy Evidence Law
Venture Capital FinancingBusiness OrganizationsSecurities Regulation
Wills and Estate PlanningTrusts 
Workshop: Contemporary Issues in Aboriginal Law  Recommended: Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
Workshop: Tax Law & Policy Canadian Income Tax Law