Grad Requirement: Perspective Courses

Rev: July, 2024

Note: Not all courses listed are offered every year. 

Perspective Courses
Course NameCourse CodeInstructor(s)
Animals and the LawLAW253H1Angela Fernandez
Advanced Constitutional Law: Security and Remedial IssuesLAW541H1Kent Roach / John Norris
Advanced International Human Rights Law LAW234H1Patrick Macklem
Advanced Labour and Employment LawLAW343H1Brian Langille
Anglo-Canadian Legal HistoryLAW354H1Jim Phillips / Simon Stern
Anti-Discrimination Law  LAW410H1Anthony Sangiuliano
Capstone Course: The Role of the JudgeLAW603H1Robert Armstrong 
Canadian Energy Law and Policy LAW356H1George Vegh
Canadian Legal HistoryLAW576H1James Phillips
Citizenship, Immigration and GlobalizationLAW262H1Ayelet Shachar
Civil LawLAW516H1Catherine Valcke
Collective Administration of CopyrightsLAW299H1Ariel Katz
Community Planning: Problems in Urban Policy and Land Use RegistrationLAW224H1Arnold Weinrib
Comparative Anti-Terrorism and National Security LawLAW557H1Kent Roach
Comparative ContractsLAW517H1Catherine Valcke
Comparative Criminal LawLAW534H1Markus Dubber
Comparative Law TheoryLAW458H1Catherine Valcke
Competition Law and Intellectual PropertyLAW579H1Ariel Katz
Competition PolicyLAW312H1Edward Iacobucci
Constitutional Rights in Comparative PerspectiveLAW544H1Lorraine Weinrib
Constitutional Law of the United States LAW333H1David Schneiderman
Corporations, Individuals, and the StateLAW288H1Ian Lee
Crime & Punishment: Mandatory Minimum, the Death Penalty and other Current DebatesLAW251H1Nader Hasan
Criminalisation in Historical and Theoretical Perspective LAW474H1Markus Dubber / Lindsay Farmer
Criminalization: Uses and Abuses of the Criminal LawLAW588H1Vincent Chiao
Criminal Law TheoryLAW564H1Alan Brudner
Critical Race TheoryLAW412H1Nancy Simms
Data GovernanceLAW558H1Lisa Austin
Democracy, Politics, and the LawLAW372H1Yasmin Dawood
Digital Content and the Innovative EconomyLAW450H1Aaron Sawchuk / Richard Owens
Discerning Law in the Fur TradeLAW475H1Douglas Sanderson
Discrimination LawLAW410H1Denise Réaume
Economic and Social RegulationLAW330H1Michael Trebilcock
Education LawLAW303H1Eric Roher
Environmental LawLAW239H1Andrew Green
Financial Crimes and Corporate ComplianceLAW325H1Kenneth Jull
Financing the Small Technology FirmLAW216H1Jeffrey MacIntosh
Fish, Forests and Fuel: Natural Resources Law in CanadaLAW357H1Andrew Green
Foundations of Criminal Law LAW401H1Markus Dubber
Foundations of Legal TheoryLAW578H1Kerry Rittich
From Blueprints to Buildings: Legal Issues in the Construction IndustryLAW306H1Duncan Glaholt/Michael Valo
Gender Equality in Transnational Legal PerspectiveLAW301H1Rebecca Cook
Governing Governance: Legal Institutions and Corporate Performance in Comparative PerspectiveLAW556H1Edward Iacobucci

Health Law and Bioethics


Trudo Lemmens

Hegel's Legal Philosophy


Alan Brudner

History of the Common LawLAW539H1Simon Stern
History and Theory of the Common LawLAW540H1Lisa Austin / Angela Fernandez
History of Crime and PunishmentLAW509H1Jim Phillips
HomelessnessLAW564H1Christopher Essert
Human Rights and Global JusticeLAW234H1Patrick Macklem
Human Rights and Their CriticsLAW373H1Patrick Macklem
Indigenous Environmental Resources Law: The US ExperienceLAW590H1John Borrows
Indigenous Legal Traditions and the Imperial ResponseLAW274H1Douglas Sanderson
Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing and Cybersecurity in the Innovative EconomyLAW450H1Aaron Sawchuk
International Criminal LawLAW385H1Andrea Russell
International Environmental LawLAW225H1Jutta Brunnée
International Human Rights LawLAW294H1Anna Su
International Investment Law: A New Global Constitutional Order?LAW235H1David Schneiderman
International Law (formerly Public International Law)LAW252H1Patrick Macklem
International Trade RegulationLAW285H1Michael Trebilcock
Introduction to Contemporary Legal TheoryLAW247H1Sophia Reibetanz Moreau
Introduction to Islamic LawLAW361H1Anver Emon
Introduction to Law and DevelopmentLAW351H1Mariana Mota Prado
Introduction to the Civil Law TraditionLAW516H1Catherine Valcke
Investment and Growth in Emerging MarketsLAW278H1Mitchell Wigdor
John Rawl's Theory of Justice: An IntroductionLAW314H1Peter Benson
Judicial Decision-MakingLAW466H1Ben Alarie / Andrew Green
Kant's Philosophy of LawLAW213H1Ernest Weinrib
Language Rights in the 21st CenturyLAW296H1Denise Reaume
Law and FilmLAW217H1Brenda Cossman
Law and LiteratureLAW355H1Simon Stern
Law and MulticulturalismLAW382H1Ayelet Shachar
Law and Policy of BiotechnologyLAW581H1Max Morgan / Harvey Schipper
Law and PsycheLAW536H1Abraham Drassinower
Law and RevolutionLAW555H1Hamish Stewart
Law, Institutions and DevelopmentLAW243H1Mariana Prado
Law, Religion, and DemocracyLAW279H1Anna Su
Legal Archaeology: Studies in Cases in ContextLAW214H1Angela Fernandez
Legal DevicesLAW467H1Simon Stern
Looking Ahead: The Blurred Lines of Technology, Body, and MindLAW337H1Ben Alarie / Daniel Debow
Mental Health and the LawLAW266H1Trudo Lemmens
Persons and BodiesLAW339H1Abraham Drassinower
Perspectives on Civil Litigation, Procedure and ProfessionalismLAW302H1Susan Heakes/Josh Nisker
Perspectives on LawLAW219H1Markus Dubber
Principle and Policy in Contract LawLAW220H1Stephen Waddams
Privacy ProblemsLAW545H1Lisa Austin/David Lie
Public Health Law in Canada: The Role of the State, Law and Human RightsLAW388H1Robin Nobleman
Racial Politics and the LawLAW426H1Anver Emon
Religion and the Liberal State: The Case of IslamLAW321H1Mohammad Fadel
Reproductive and Sexual Health LawLAW386H1Rebecca Cook
Rights, Resources and Global HealthLAW266H1Mariana Mota Prado
Scientific Evidence: Its use and abuse in the lawLAW465H1Helena Likwornik
Sovereignty, Referendum, and the Will of the People in Canada and the WorldLAW259H1Richard Stacey
Statutes and Statutory InterpretationLAW445H1Anver Emon
Taxing Consumption: Economic and Social Policy PerspectivesLAW208H1Emily Satterthwaite
Ten Cases that Changed the WorldLAW405H1Mayo Moran
The International Context of Canadian Energy Policy (formerly Renewable Energy Policy)LAW356H1George Vegh
The Law and the PsycheLAW536H1Abraham Drassinower
The Politics of Legal SpaceLAW504H1David Dyzenhaus/ Karen Knop
Theories of EqualityLAW207H1Sophia Reibetanz Moreau
Theory of the Private LawLAW368H1Peter Benson
Topics in Contract Law and Contract TheoryLAW226H1Peter Benson
Topics in Copyright Law and Copyright Theory LAW359H1Abraham Drassinower
Transnational Legal TheoryLAW460H1Catherine Valcke
Wrongful Convictions
Kent Roach
Women, Violence, and the LawLAW529H1Mary Lou Fassel
Workshop: Critical Analysis of Law LAW221Y1Brenda Cossman / Kerry Rittich
Workshop: Contemporary Health Law, Ethics and PolicyLAW501Y1Trudo Lemmens
Workshop: Innovation Law and PolicyLAW365Y1Simon Stern
Workshop: Law and EconomicsLAW399Y1Anthony Niblett /
Adriana Robertson

Workshop: Law and GlobalizationLAW586H1Kerry Rittich
Workshop: Legal HistoryLAW322Y1Jim Phillips
Workshop: Legal TheoryLAW376Y1Christopher Essert /
Malcolm Thorburn
Workshop: Tax Law and PolicyLAW211Y1Benjamine Alarie
Wrongful ConvictionsLAW542H1Amanda Carling / Kent Roach