Anonymous Grading of Examinations and Written Work

Pseudonyms are assigned to students in the first term by the Records Office and examination papers are to be identified by pseudonym or by student number. Instructors may receive grades of the students in their classes by name after the marks meeting. Such information is to be kept confidential. No changes may be made to student grades after the submission of grades without the approval of the Associate Dean.

Papers in seminars may be submitted by pseudonym, at the option of the student, although in many cases, the identity of the student may be known to the instructor as a result of prior discussions between student and instructor concerning the paper. In courses with classroom participation as a component of the grade, the anonymous grading rules do not apply.

Graduate students do not use pseudonymns.

First Year Grading

First year Small Group Writing Assignments may be graded anonymously through the use of pseudonyms created for each assignment, but an instructor also may wish to have prior discussions with a student about the assignments, in which case the identity of the student may be known to the instructor. As in the past, class lists, used for grading, will be provided to Professors under Pseudonyms/pseudonumbers.