Advertising Events at the Law School

Law school events may be advertised in several ways:

  • Headnotes - Weekly Newsletter
  • "Faculty of Law - Today's Events" email, and Events Calendar
  • Daily Reminder TV Monitor

Postering on areas of the law school is not permitted and notices will be removed. In addition, the University of Toronto has comprehensive policies with respect to postering both inside and outside university buildings, which provide that students not following these policies can be charged for removal costs. See Procedure on Distribution of Posters, Publications and Banners.


Headnotes is the Faculty of Law's weekly internal bulletin of information and announcements.

Headnotes is published via email to all students, faculty and staff every Monday during term. It is also available in the password-protected e.Legal section of the Faculty of Law website.

Use the Headnotes Submission Form to submit announcements (e.Legal login required). Deadline is 10:00 a.m. Friday mornings for publication in the following Monday's Headnotes. Read more.

"Faculty of Law - Today's Events" email, and Events Calendar

Every morning, everyone at the law school receives an email notification of events at the law school that day. This information is automatically picked up from the Events Calendar.

The Events Calendar is a comprehensive calendar of events taking place at the law school.  The Events Calendar is populated by information from the Room Booking Form (in e.Legal - login required). Filling out the Room Booking Form is therefore an important part of advertising an event, and it is important to include detailed information about the event/meeting etc., including a description of the event.

Note: The Events Calendar exists in both a public and internal version. The internal version, which can only be seen by logging into e.Legal, includes all internal events. The public version on the public Faculty of Law website only includes public events. Events may be viewed by day, week or month.

TV Monitors in the Atrium Library

The TV monitors in the Atrium, Student Services desk, and library advertise events and initiatives organized by the Faculty of Law, the Bora Laskin Law Library, and related centres and programs. The also show the Faculty of Law website and Today's Events.