International, Comparative, Transnational (ICT) Courses

Rev: June, 2022

Note: Not all courses listed are offered every year. 

International, Comparative, Transnational (ICT) Courses
Course NameCourse CodeInstructor(s)
Advanced Constitutional LawLAW541H1Kent Roach/John Norris
Advanced International Human Rights LawLAW234H1Patrick Macklem
Advanced Labour and Employment LawLAW343H1Brian Langille
Anglo-Canadian Legal HistoryLAW354H1Jim Phillips/Simon Stern
Anti-Discrimination LawLAW410H1Anthony Sangiuliano
Canadian Legal HistoryLAW576H1Jim Phillips
Canadian Migration LawLAW456H1Michael Battista
Citizenship, Immigration and GlobalizationLAW262H1Ayelet Shachar
Citizenship: Inside and Out LAW261H1Karen Knop/Audrey Macklin
Civil LawLAW516H1Catherine Valcke
Climate Change LawLAW269H1Jutta Brunnee
Comparative Anti-Terrorism and National Security LawLAW557H1Kent Roach
Comparative Constitutional Law and PoliticsLAW409H1Ran Hirschl
Comparative ContractsLAW517H1Catherine Valcke
Comparative Criminal LawLAW534H1Markus Dubber/Tatjana Hörnle
Comparative Health Systems Law and PolicyLAW726H1Colleen Flood
Comparative Law TheoryLAW458H1Catherine Valcke
Competition Law and Intellectual PropertyLAW579H1Ariel Katz
Constitutional Law of the United States LAW333H1David Schneiderman
Constitutional Rights in Comparative PerspectiveLAW544H1SLorraine Weinrib
Crime and PunishmentLAW251H1Nader Hasan
Critical Theory and Global LawLAW328H1David Schneiderman
Democracy, Politics, and the LawLAW372H1Yasmin Dawood
Digital Content and the Innovative EconomyLAW450H1Aaron Shawchuk/Richard Owens
Discrimination Law: Charter/Code ComparisonsLAW410H1Denise Reaume
Foreign Affairs and the Canadian ConstitutionLAW309H1Karen Knop
Foundations of Criminal Law LAW401H1Markus Dubber
Governance of Pharmaceuticals in the International ContextLAW267H1Trudo Lemmens
Governing GovernanceLAW556H1Edward Iacobucci
Human Rights and Global JusticeLAW234H1Patrick Macklem
Indigenous Legal Traditions LAW274H1Douglas Sanderson
International Commercial and Investor-State ArbitrationLAW513H1Matthew Kronby/Paul Michell/John Terry
International Courts and TribunalsLAW353H1Anna Su
International Criminal LawLAW385H1Andrea Russell
International Environmental LawLAW225H1Jutta Brunnée
International Human Rights LawLAW294H1Anna Su
International Law (formerly Public International Law)LAW252H1Patrick Macklem
International Investment LawLAW235H1David Schneiderman
International Law Theory and the Rule of LawLAW352H1Jutta Brunnée / David Dyzenhaus
International TaxationLAW349H1Amanda Heale / Drew Morier
International Trade RegulationLAW285H1Michael Trebilcock
Introduction to International Criminal LawLAW236H1Payam Akhavan
Introduction to Islamic LawLAW361H1Anver Emon
Introduction to Law and Development LAW351H1Mariana Mota Prado
Investment and Growth in Emerging Markets LAW278H1Mitchell Wigdor
Judicial Decision-MakingLAW466H1Ben Alarie/Andrew Green
Law and Multiculturalism LAW382H1Ayelet Shachar
Law, Institutions and Development LAW243H1Michael Trebilcock/Mariana Mota Prado
Law of International Business & Finance TransactionsLAW371H1Mohammad Fadel
Law, Religion, and Democracy LAW279H1Anna Su
Modern Political TrialLAW342H1Michael Marrus
New Technologies and International LawLAW297H1Anna Su/ Dafna Dror-Shpoliansky
Peoples and Minorities in International LawLAW210H1Karen Knop
Pharmaceutical Law and GovernanceLAW387H1Trudo Lemmens
Privacy ProblemsLAW545H1Lisa Austin
Private International Law LAW218H1Karen Knop or Paul-Erik Veel
Public International LawLAW252H1Karen Knop
Refugee LawLAW532H1Warda Shazadi Meighen
Reproductive and Sexual Health LawLAW386H1Rebecca Cook
Sovereignty, Referendum, and the Will of the People in Canada and the WorldLAW259H1Richard Stacey
Ten Cases that Changed the WorldLAW405H1Mayo Moran
The Politics of Legal SpaceLAW504H1David Dyzenhaus/ Karen Knop
Topics in Justice 1: Comparative Migration Law and PolicyLAW446H1Ayelet Shachar
Transnational Legal TheoryLAW460H1Catherine Valcke
Women's Rights in Transnational PerspectiveLAW301H1Rebecca Cook
Workshop: Law and GlobalizationLAW586H1Kerry Rittich